Steel Wire Galvanizing Line Cooperation With The Customer From Vietnam

July,26th,2018,the customer from Vietnam came to our country to visit the factory that do the steel wire galvanizing. As they have visited several factories, but after they contacted with us, they decided to come for a visit immediately.

The visit continued for about 3 days, as the customer want to have the good quality production line, for they don't want it broken down day by day, and delay their production schedule, for that the market in their country is very good. So they are so careful to check the supplier. And, we carry them to two factories that do the low carbon and high carbon steel wire galvanizing which are all our customers, and then to our own factory to see the manufacturing process. After all of these, the customer feel very satisfied and send us their trust. They said we are the right cooperator that they are looking for.

At the last, after the discussion about one day, all the allocation are confirmed, and the contract was signed.

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