ARP-Acid Regeneration Plant

HCl Regeneration Systems or Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP) work together with pickling lines. By spray roasting method, waste pickle liquor(WPL) from pickling line is converted to ferric oxide(Fe2O3)and gaseous hydrogen chloride(HCl), which would be absorbed by rinsing water from pickling line, thus hydrochloric acid of18%(wt) produced. The recovery percentage of HCl can be as high as 99%. Then regenerated acid (RA) will be re-introduced into pickling process, which closes the cycle of acid use. During such process, ARP also consumes as much rinsing water (RW) as possible.  So ARP helps pickling line to be environment friendly. This chemical and mechanical treatment is widely used in western countries and China, which is proven to be economical and good to reduce pollution.

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