The customer from Pakstan visited our workshop of tinplating and show destination,ask us to Paksitan to sign the contract

April 16th,2018,the customer from Paksitan visited our factory which established in 2010 producing tinplate for they also have the desire to establish the same factory in their coutry.Welcome for his coming and glad to get his positive idea about our design ability.

To the factory,we have the total line for tinplating,such as the acid pickling,rinsing,power station,hot milling,temper milling,tension leveling,tinplating,annealing,etc.Now,you could have a sight with the following pictures:

We designed independently, and constructed ourselves, it has been working for 8 yeas with little problems. In China, we are the No.1 to do the production line in the steel plate field. After seeing all the production lines, the customer from Paksitan said he felt more confident with us, and asked us to Paksitan to forward the constract ASAP.

PRC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY(TIANJIN)CO.,LTD. Special at all kinds of Steel strip processing, and have full experice for more than 20 years.

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